They have built themselves a relationship. Like a marriage. It equates to a marriage, for sure. I don’t think they realize how close they are, when next year they won’t be so together every day. It will be tough. I can’t see them just taking off in two opposite ends of the Earth. They’ve been best friends for years. I just hope they’re good friends seventeen years down the road - as good as they are now. 

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Photo Challenge Day 25: Picture form the medal ceremony in Sochi!

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When we crossed the border, they would ask for a note from Tessa’s parents because they thought I was stealing her to Vegas to elope. - Scott Moir (x, insp)

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Talk about following your dreams….

Happy Moir Monday!! :)

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Scott Moir’s stupid little smirk.

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Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Tessa!

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Precious Human Being  Tessa Virtue

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Niky asked:

Patrick Chan or Scott Moir
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Tessa and Scott // Into the Mystic at Stars on Ice in Winnipeg on May 7, 2014. [x]

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hip hip chin chin, temptation, and mujer latina

Most teams in ice dancing dance only to samba and other like Latin rhythms because they have to (aka mandatory rhythm in SD or OD before). Virtue and Moir chose this very difficult rhythm and genre to translate on ice as their FD in 2011 because THEY CAN actually skate and DANCE to it.

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